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A nondenominational space where we can all find & live our own authentic journey -mind, body, spirit

About The Corner Discovery Bookstore Café

** In a nutshell, this is a POSITIVE community and book club for mind, body and spiritIt is a great space for those new to spirituality and holistic health, as well as those who are familiar and well seasoned in these fields. All are welcome.
Every day I post a card that can serve to help you guide your day (oracle or tarot). I also curate (through countless hours of research) and post articles and finds that will serve you well on your health and spiritual journey. Many articles, recipes, how-to's, videos, and more are posted daily. As this community has been active since August 2020, there is much content to explore already, with more content to come.
I also want this to be a place where you can find stuff to read and scroll that has nothing to do with current events, news, negativity and the like.
Please - invite people to join. You can also post stuff!!
When posting - no politics, no ads, no trolling, and no sales.
Keep it positive and supportive.


Learn more below:

Have you ever felt curious or felt whispers from somewhere like you needed to try something, or take a course, or try a food, or learn something new? Or have you felt curious - like you wanted to look into healing, Reiki, Energy Medicine, intuition, spirits, etc.? Or have you felt curious about trying something like yoga, meditation, guided imagery, affirmations, nutrition, herbs, manifesting, etc.? Do you ever feel like these things are calling you? Like you can't stop pondering them or like you almost crave them?

Well - you are in the right place.

We founded this network to provide tips, tools and more to help us all live more mindfully, more holistic, and more spiritual (mind, body, spirit, emotion).

This is a nondenominational space, where people of all faiths, religions, ethnicities, etc. are welcome. I believe we can all learn from each other.

The goal is to keep it positive, inspirational, motivational and empowering.

The intention is for all of us to share resources - tips, tools, books, music, guided imagery, photos, memes, meditations, yoga, tai chi, qi gong, movements, exercises, journaling prompts, prayers, pulling cards, and so much more - so we can all add them to our toolbox and utilize them on our journey.

There are SO many tools out there for us to utilize and add to our toolbox. As people share them, we can try them (or not) and see if we like them and/or if they help us in some way, shape or form, and if they do, great! Then you have another tool you can utilize daily, monthly or whenever it suits you.

Chances are you are curious about some aspect of spirituality, intuition, holistic health, positive living, positive psychology, and/or the like. That is how you found us. The great thing is - we are all of like mind and of like heart. We all want to learn and grow and just be our best, most authentic, awesome self. And we are all on a journey. So join us and let's get started!

What topics we have available

We want you to write and post your heart out!

Here are the topics we have in our network:

Inspirational & Motivational Shares

Mindful Awesomeness

Holistic Living & Nutrition

Recipes & Recipe Altering

Ayurvedic Living

Traditional Chinese Medicine Living

Positive Psychology, Psychology, Gratitude & Goals

Psychic Kids & Pets

Psychic, Intuition, Medium & Indigos

Empath, Medical Intuitive, Aura Readers

Reiki, Energy Healing Energy Medicine


Movement - Exercise, Yoga, Tai Chi, etc.

Meditation, Guided Imagery & More

Resources & Tools

Creativity - Art, Crafts, Design, Dance

Green Living - Earth Conscious

New wave! Talking to Animals and Plants

Working with Faeries & Earth Beings

Angel Numbers, 1111, Signs from Above

Angels, Ascended Masters, Guides & More

Moon Living, Astrology, Earth Shifts +

Thought Leaders - Thoughts & Expressions

Shamanism, Animal Totems, Animal Spirits

and MORE - yes, MORE

another perk...

Live Chat with Members Coming Soon

One of the many perks soon to be available is a live chat with members. Being able to chat with like-minded people is one of the big reasons I started this network. We all are looking for the same things - enhancing our lives, bettering our wellness and expanding our spirituality and minds. Being able to chat with people from around the world, on topics such as the ones above, is totally awesome.

My Why

After talking to my psychic advisor Robyn and getting her help about an idea to create a network and how I am supposed to be blogging in some way, we decided this was the best way to go about it. Creating a community is something I have always wanted to do, but never knew how to go about it. Being a natural intuitive, someone who is psychic, medium, clairvoyant, an Indigo, empath and more and being someone who loves holistic health and wellness - this was my calling.

I learned over time that these are connected together. Spirituality meets Holistic Health has been my "thing" for over a decade but the platform was never really right. Until now. Welcome to my "niche" if you will - even though it is a bunch of niches in one, it makes for one great, big, niche.

I hope you love it as much as I do.

My Goals

To grow this network of awesome like-minded folks. And to post in all of the topics as much as I can.

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